Tulum &
TULUM & COBA from Akumal

9:30 Akumal Arch
10:15 Arrival to Tulum
10:30 Entrance to the Arquelogical Site. One
hour guided tour. See this magnificent fortress
overlooking the Caribbean ocean, one of the
most delightful sights in the Mayan World.
11:30 Free Time, walk around the temples, take
pictures and go to the beach.
12:30 Departs from Tulum
13:30 Arrival to Coba.
13:30 to 14:15 Lunch to Coba
14:20 a 16:20 2 hours in Coba, 1 hour guided
tour and 1 hour of free time. You will see the
majestic of Nohoch Mul Temple. A pyramid that
looms above the Yucatan Jungle at 138 feet, it is
the tallest and most ancient structure of the
16:30 Tours departs from Coba to Akumal.
15:30 Arrival to Akumal

adult $ 65.00usd
Kids   $ 49.00usd
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