In order to visit Chichen Itza, one of the mayor cities
of the Mayan culture, we use a bus of luxury
executive class, with capacity for 34 passengers.
A/C and bathrooms, W.C.
It’s interior is furbished with 5 tables for 4 people
each if traveling with the familie and individual seats
with small trays like those found on  airplanes,
environmental music.
Itinerary: 8:20 by the Akumal entrance arch.
On board of the bus one offers small Continental
breakfast (juice, coffee, bread and fruit) and service
of drinks throughout the trip (refreshments, water,
coffee, juice and beers)
10:50 Arrival to Eptum 20 minutes of free time in
which they can happen to the bath and visit the one
store of crafts
11:45 Chichen Itza guided tour for about two hours
with one hr. for free time.
15:15 Restaurant Mayab House, where Mexican
buffet is provided (bar with salads, fruits, soup of
lima, rice, beans, cochinita pibil, desserts with a
courtesy drink (it can be water, refreshment or beer)
16:15 Visit to the Zuitun Natural well in Mendoza,
where you can swim.
16:45 Exit of the natural well to hotels
Note: The times that are mentioned are estimated,
and can vary depending on traffic along the highway
or of climatologic conditions, as well as events not
expected like accidents or mechanical

Price per person $99.00usd for Adult and
$85usd for kids younger than12 years
©2009 conoce akumal s.a. de c.v.
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